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Collaborative Learning

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Got a query on module content, the work experience requirements, final examinations?

Send it in to us by clicking here. We will do our best to answer your query within 24hrs Mon-Fri.

We will post all questions and answers onto the Q&A forum so everyone can access them.

Check the Q&A forum first as someone may have asked your question already and the answer will be there for you.

Welcome to the Health Related Activity for Children (HRAC) Blended Learning Website. This website will cover all of the theoretical aspects of the module and provide you with ideas, sample activities and support for the practical elements. You will also find resources to supplement your learning in the form of research articles, web links and statistics etc which are supplementary to the Student Manual for this module. It also provides information on work experience , assessments and examinations. The site also provides a forum where students can ask questions.

Collaborative learning is about all students on the programme sharing information, thoughts and opinions for the benefit of everyone. Should you come across some material on the web, in a book/journal why not share it with your colleagues on the course by clicking on the submissions link on the left hand side of this page. Send in links to websites, names of books etc., Instructional DVDs or even TV programmes that you think may be of interest to the class.


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